Dog Boxes

Our Old South Dog Boxes offer a diverse range of styles of boxes and trailers. We can accommodate beagles, walker dogs, bird dogs, labs, and more. Whether you need a simple slide in style box for hunting near your house, or a high end custom box or trailer that you want to take on the road to travel the country for competitions, we can build it for you.

Slide In

The Slide In edition of our Old South Dog Boxes can fit in most trucks and buggies. It comes complete with sides and usually has floors.

Rail Ride

The Rail Ride version of our Old South Dog Boxes is built to allow for the maximum amount of space inside your truck bed. The sides of your truck serve as the sides of the box.


ATV/UTV Old South Dog Boxes are custom built to fit the specifications of your personal ATV or UTV.

Cab High

Cab High Old South Dog Boxes are built to allow for the maximum amount of space inside your truck bed. In some states, law dictates that you need to be able to see inside the box and truck, so these boxes work well for that.

Law Enforcement

Old South Dog Boxes’ Law Enforcement kits are designed specifically for K-9 units out in the field.

Vet Boxes

We design a variation of Old South Dog Boxes specifically for veterinarians who take their medical kit into the field and need ample storage space with plenty of compartments.

Animal Control

Old South Dog Boxes’ Animal Control editions are built for animal control units that are called out to pick up sick, injured, or lost strays.

Cattle Dog Boxes

Cattle Dog Boxes are designed for the working ranch man to fit in the flat bed truck or for the traveling cattle dog competitior that needs more of a custom box.