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Welcome to Old South Dog Boxes

Wall 2 Wall Manufacturing, "Home of Old South Dog Boxes", is a custom welding and fabrication shop specializing in aluminum work. Located in Springfield, Louisiana, we have more than 15 years of experience designing and building custom dog boxes for serious hunters and sportsmen.

At Wall 2 Wall Manufacturing, we have an abundance of high quality products, first-rate materials, and skilled tradesmen capable of crafting any custom design to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship. Our line of Old South Dog Boxes, for example, are the toughest boxes on the market. Our dog boxes and trailers are all welded, high-grade aluminum. The framework and all extrusions are complete square tubing--you won’t find any rivets or cheap crimped braces. We guarantee our dog boxes will last for a lifetime and will get passed down to the next generation in your family.

In addition to our dog boxes and kennels, Old South Dog Boxes also builds custom dog trailers, bird rigs, and t-tops for boats. We furnish custom aluminum work for law enforcement, fire departments, and animal control.

We have CNC plasma capabilities that enable us to fabricate products or parts for large and small companies. We also use our CNC machine to create commercial signs for businesses, awards and plaques, as well as custom metal artwork for home or business decor. Additionally at Wall 2 Wall Manufacturing, we construct pedestal stands for big game mounts, and custom cargo carriers for receiver hitches on trucks and SUVs.

We love working with people to help design and create any custom project. Whether it’s an Old South Dog Boxes custom box or trailer, or a specific part you need for a job, let Wall 2 Wall Manufacturing help turn your plans into a reality.

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Old South Dog Boxes
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