Dog Box Accessories

The options listed below are upgrades, or “add ons” to any of our standard dog boxes. Old South Dog Boxes lets you take a standard dog box and accessorize it to fit your particular needs or wants to really customize your box and set it apart from any other dog box on the market.

Cabinet Storage $185.00 Gun Cabinet $410.00
Top Storage $190.00 Half Sides No Tracks $65.00
Removable Sides starts at $140.00 Fans $148.00 per fan
Removable Vents start at $140.00 Hydro Turf $5.00/ft installed
Louver Doors $95.00 per door LED Courtesy Lights $48.00 per light
Expanded Rail $80.00 Winter Panel Doors $50.00 per door
Tie Outs $10.00 POD Lights $88.00
Rigging Rack $80.00 Water Tank (3 gallon) $140.00 Water Tank (5 gallon) $160.00
Ice Chest Rail starts at $65.00 Spinner Vents $20.00 per vent
Flush Latches $33.00 per latch Bottom Drawer Storage $460.00
Icebay Cooling System $370.00 Strike Racks $260.00
Kennel Signs %65.00 PVC Insulation call for pricing
Dog Bowls $30.00 per bowl Foot protector $90.00
Inset ice chest start at $90.00 Rigging holes start at $65.00
Single blade side louvers $270.00
Double blade side louvers $320.00
Full top storage - Call For Pricing

Other Accessories

  • Paint
    Starts at $140.00
  • Rhino Lining
    Call for pricing
  • Floor
    $20.00 per foot
  • PVC Foam Board Insulation
    $5.00/foot installed
  • Batwing Storage
    Starts at $340.00
  • Gun holder